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Grand Balancing Act

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Grand Balancing Act - Action Weigh-Off Simplified

Grand Balancing Act
Action Weigh-Off Simplified

Bruce Stevens, RPT  -  South Bay, CA
David Vanderlip, RPT  -  Orange County, CA

Thursday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
All-Day Seminar Registration Required

Join two of the finest shop technicians as they demystify grand action improvements. No longer approach the weigh-off of a grand action with fear and trepidation because there is no clear definition of the proper down-weight vs. up-weight. Bruce and David will present an innovative, quick and easy method using Balance Weight protocols that greatly speeds up the weigh-off procedure and provides consistent results. Action Ratio, Inertia, Parts Selection, and Hammer Preparation will also be covered. Bruce and David will be providing actions from their shops for a hands-on opportunity to experience this innovative method, going beyond just 'facts and figures'. If you have been apprehensive about any of this work, you will gain confidence after attending this seminar. Satisfaction Guaranteed!