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Sound Of Your Tuning

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Sound Of Your Tuning - Tuning Master Class

Sound of Your Tuning
Tuning Master Class
Class Limit: 15 Hands-on Participants, Additional Attendees Welcome To Observe

Don Mannino, RPT  -  Kawai America  -  South Bay, CA

Thursday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
All-Day Seminar Registration Required

This full day session starts with an overview of tuning style and sound, with discussion how the piano tone is affected by temperament types, octave stretch, and stability. The interaction of octave tuning on temperament sound and overall piano tone is demonstrated and discussed in depth. Octave tuning styles are demonstrated and explained with both aural and electronic verification, along with a practical aural approach to stretching the octaves, fitting the tuning to the piano, and applying your individual style to the piano tuning. Once the lecture / demonstration is completed, one of the pianos will be muted and those who have signed up to participate will share in the process of tuning the piano. Participants will get to try setting A4 to the fork, setting the width of the temperament octaves, then tuning an aural equal temperament. Once a temperament is set, we will continue and tune octaves experimenting with stretch in the treble and bass, and finally tuning unisons for sustain. This class will be a great confidence builder for both tuning participants and the observers as we all work together and listen to good tuning practices.