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Dueling Tone Design

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Dueling Tone Design - Voicing Master Class

Dueling Tone Design
Voicing Master Class

Rick Baldassin, RPT  -  Salt Lake City, UT
Nick Gravagne, RPT  -  Phoenix, AZ
Richard Davenport, RPT  -  Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
All-Day Seminar Registration Required

A unique opportunity to learn detailed voicing techniques by three master technicians. They will combine their unique perspectives to form a well-rounded and comprehensive overview of tone regulation. The class will be taught using two different everyday pianos, with the work being performed by two in-home technicians who will prepare the pianos in advance the previous day. Their work will be critiqued, as well as, video shots of the preparation process with the technicians thoughts and actions. Join us for a great 'real-world' master class, as is done with musicians.