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Dueling Tone Design

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Dueling Tone Design - Voicing Master Class

Dueling Tone Design
Voicing Master Class

Rick Baldassin, RPT  -  Salt Lake City, UT
Nick Gravagne, RPT  -  Phoenix, AZ
Richard Davenport, RPT  -  Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
All-Day Seminar Registration Required

An extraordinary opportunity to learn detailed piano prep and voicing techniques by three master technicians. They will combine their unique perspectives to discuss and demonstrate a well-rounded and comprehensive set of techniques on how to evaluate and prep a piano. Virtually every thing that we can do to a piano has an effect on it's tone. From tightening screws to action regulation, from tuning to piano hammer work, and even to how the piano is positioned in it's environment, everything is voicing. In fact, some would say that inserting a needle into the hammer--what many think of as actual voicing--is the LAST thing to do in the voicing process. This lively class will address it all.