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RPT Exams and Prep


Tuning Exams • Technical Exams
Southern California Area Exam Board (SCAEB) - June 2018
Location: California State University at Long Beach (CSULB)
Contact: Carl Lieberman, RPT • Email Carl • 310-392-2771

For Exam Locations Outside of Southern California
Contact: Dave Davis, RPT • Email Dave

Written Exam
Sunday, April 22, 8:00 am, Avalon 1 Classroom

PTG RPT Prep Classes

Preparing for the Written Exam
Exam Team
Friday, Session 4, Avalon 1

We will introduce you to all the study aids and material that PTG has published to prep you for the written exam. Explaining the procedures for starting the “Walk to RPT” and outline the content of the exam in an effort to put you at ease before you make the commitment. The written exam will be given on Sunday morning.


Introduction to the Technical Exam
Exam Team
Friday, Session 2, Avalon 1

A walkthrough of the requirements of the PTG technical exam and a survey of test equipment and procedures. Find out how to prepare for the exam, what tools and supplies you need to bring to the test site and what examinees are entitled to before, during and after the test. Learn how to best utilize your time, improve efficiency, cope with exam anxiety and other skills and strategies you need to successfully tackle the exam. For PTG Associate members only.


Pass the Tuning Exam the First Time
Techniques for Mastering the Mid-Range
Randi Potter, RPT  -  Randy Potter School of Piano Technology  -  Portland, OR

Saturday, Session 5, Avalon 2

From examiners and examinees I talk to, many (some say most) who fail the aural portion of the Tuning Exam actually passed the Temperament Octave (13 notes), but failed the 11 remaining notes in the Mid-Range. Come learn why this happens, and how to tune smooth octaves, not just in the center but also extending your good temperament into the treble and bass (whether or not you are using an ETD, or tuning strictly aurally).